Bravi LUI S.I. 400 Self Propelled Platroom


Bravi LUI 400

•6.1m working height
•2 person
•load capacity 200kg
•total weight 890kg
•Loading ramps to suit all models

Bravi LUI 900 6Bravi LUI 900 7

Bravi LUI 900 3Bravi LUI 900 4Bravi LUI 900 5


Bravi LUI 900 8

The platform can fit into small vans, so that transport is easier and less expensive.

Thanks to the special ramps and to the jack provided by Braviisol, "LUI S.I." can be put inside vehicles easily and safety.

Bravi LUI 900 9

Braviisol produces an additional platform which can be installed above the existing one so that working from an even higher position is possible

Bravi LUI 900 10

The lift is provided with CE mark, and is driven by a proportional control-level.

The two engines are electronically driven for 360o rotation, also when the platform is in the highest position.

An electronic stop indicator has been installed, so that the platform could automatically stopped when it operates on ground with an inclination of higher than 3%

Bravi LUI 900 11

Thanks to its characteristics, the mobile platform "LUI S.I." is especially suitable for industrial maintenance operators.

The lift "LUI S.I." can go where other machines can not.

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