Forward Plate Compactors




Minipac 300

•2.5HP Honda, 37.5kg, 290mm x 540mm

PC 300

•2.5HP Honda, 63kg, 300mm x 690mm

PC 350

•4HP Honda, 79kg,350mm x 690mm

PC 400

•4HP Honda, 81kg, 400mm x 690mm

PC 450

•4HP Honda, 83kg, 450mm x 690mm

PC 450 Diesel

•4.6HP Hatz, 96kg, 450mm x 690mm

PC 500

•5.5HP Honda, 856kg, 550mm x 690mm

Reversable Plate Compactors



RPC 25/40

•25kN, 5.5HP Honda, 142kg,400mm x 647mm

RPC 25/40

•25kN, 4.2HP Hatz Diesel, 156kg,400mm x 647mm

RPC 35/60D

•35kN, 6.3HP Hatz Diesel, 240kg,450mm x 831mm


Double Drum Walk Behind Roller - BWR650



Weight kg (lbs) 675 (1,485)
Overall Length mm (in) 2,385 (93.9)
Overall Width mm (in) 700 (27.5)
Overall Height mm (in) 1,150 (45.3)
Drum Width mm (in) 650 (25.6)
Drum Diameter mm (in) 402 (15.8)
Wheel Base mm (in) 560 (22)
Travel Speed (Forward) km/hr (ft/min.) 3.6 (197)
Travel Speed (Reverse) km/hr (ft/min.) 2.5 (137)
Engine Kubota E75NB3


The Belle BWR double drum walk behind rollers are reliable fully hydrostatic with excellent compaction results on both soil and asphalt. Advanced engineering and latest design produces these rugged dependable vibratory rollers, all-hydrostatic drive with no drive chain.

The high speed provides greater surface coverage. A progressive control for both speed and forward/reverse motion gives smooth starting and stopping. The hydrostatic motors and vibration drive gives maximum compaction effect. The BWR series of rollers are streamline, with narrow overall width, minimal overhang and completely smooth sides that allows access to tighter areas. Both drums are machined which help avoid marking on hot asphalt mixes. Low centre of gravity guarantees stable and reliable operations.


4Stroke Trench Rammers



•4HP Honda, 4ST, 66kg, 280mm x 332mm


HAVS - Click here for a guide to the problem of Hand-Arm Vibration (White Finger)


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