efco Blowers


efco Blowers

Efco SA2026

Displacement/Power 25.4 cm3/1.2 HP-0.9 kW

Max air volume 9 m3/min

Max air speed  60 m/sec

Bag capacity 36 l

Weight 4.3 kg

Extremely effective and comfortable tool for tidying leaves, grass cuttings and other debris. Maximum ease of use is guaranteed by the accelerator with lock that can be applied in various positions thus allowing the operator to release his hand, adapting air flow to the type of work to be carried out and setting noise level to suit the working environment. Thanks to a special easy-fit kit, the machine can be quickly converted into a powerful vacuum cleaner without the need for tools: in fact, the cover has a screwless snap-fit opening in order to ensure easier access to the suction tube coupling.


KA 26 bag attachment


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