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Efco engineers design chainsaws with you in mind. That's why if you're a professional or just someone who needs a chainsaw to cut wood for the barbecue, you can be sure you've bought the right tool when you choose one of our machines. Buying an Efco chainsaw means you can rely on extended engine life, guaranteed by the use of the best materials and most reliable parts, simple maintenance and very low management costs. All machines are equipped with the best safety devices, and the electric models are backed by the most important quality certifications, from the German VDE and GS to the Italian IMQ. But the Efco chainsaws really have a lot of advantages!

efco Chainsaw

Model & Description

132         TOP HANDLE SAW
32cc, 14" Bar and Chain

40cc, 16" Bar and Chain

47cc, 16" Bar and Chain
52cc, 18" Bar and Chain
62cc, 20" Bar and Chain 

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