efco - Hedgetrimmers

The new Efco series TS 327 hedgetrimmers are the fruit of an original and engaging design that incorporates the very best in precision cutting and user friendliness. In fact, the extremely -powerful engine guarantees optimum results with any type of hedge, whilst the "lift starter" system and primer ensure easy starting every time. There is also increased comfort thanks to the positioning of the engine exhaust-gas (forward 30°) and air-cooling outlets that are both directed well away from the operator's body and hands.

efco Hedgetrimmer

Model & Description

27cc, 24" Double sided 

27cc, 30" Double sided 

ptx prunner PTX2500
25.4cc telescopic pole pruner
Saw head can be rotated into 5 angled cutting positions
Extending up to 3.12mtr
No tools required for lengthening

The ease of use is made possible thanks to an anti vibration system which completely isolates the handle from the rest of the machine; moreover, in the double blade version with the machine set to idle, the handle can rotate 1800 enabling the operator to work easily on the sides of the hedge.



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