Portable Traffic Lights

Introducing HORIZONT PORTABLE TRAFFIC LIGHTS, made in Germany with superior features to many of the traffic lights available in Ireland today.

•Minimum distance between sets: 10m
•Maximum distance between sets: 1km
•Control module automatically sets timing after inputting distance and traffic speed
•Manual override to change automatic parameter settings
•Double folding system for easy transport and storage – folding system offers protection against weather when stored
•Extra heavy duty galvanised frame, won’t rust
•Automatic night dimming
•Operation hours with fully charged battery: 10–14 days
•Self control against wrong signals or faulty lamps
•Strong, robust and hard wearing
•Pneumatic tyres – easy to manoeuvre
•Ergonomic detachable bar for easy movement around sites
•Lockable battery compartment with extra room for storage
•Removable control module
•Extra height for better visibility in traffic


       Single Pole                                 Double Pole



Battery Cart

•Large battery cart with special fold down post
•Easy to transport


LED Signal Heads

•Long life light emitting diodes instead of bulbs, eliminating the need for bulb replacement
•Reduced overall running costs
•Environmentally friendly
•Reliable and robust

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