Safety Control Barriers


Barrier 1

Safety Orange Color with Adjustable Feet and Chrome Standards

•Frame height 80 cm.
•Frame height with base 110 cm.
•Frame length without connector 217 cm.
•Frame length with connector 222 cm.
•Base (foot) length 65 cm.
•Frame thickness 5,5 cm.
•Weight 12,5 kg.
•Foot turning radius 360° radius lockable at 22,5° intervals.

Barrier 2

1. Heavy-duty spring connectors allow sections to be joined together in a smooth, continuous flow on hilly terrain. This spring-locking system enables sections to be joined to conform to any desired configuration

Barrier 3

Barrier 4

2. Adjustable feet that can be locked into place and at any angle

Barrier 5Barrier 5a

Barrier 6

3. Comes with panels that can be used to display signage or can be used as advertising space

Barrier 7

Barrier 8
Barrier 9 Barrier 10

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