Tuchel Sweeper Attachments

NEW Range of Sweepers

Designed to attach easily onto a varity of machinery including tractors, forklifts, trucks, loaders, diggers etc...


Tuchel 1

Plus Sweeper

For Tractors / Yard Loaders / Fork-Lifts / Municipal Vehicles / Wheeled Loaders (up to 0,5 m³ bucket capacity)

Working width: 230 cm (90")
total sweeper width 257 cm (101")
Weight: 283Kg

Tuchel 2.

Kompakt Sweeper

Complete with PTO drive, this model has been developed fo micro-tractors and community vechicles

Working width: 150 cm (59")
total sweeper width 169.5 cm (66")
Weight: 195Kg

Tuchel 3

Profi 600 Sweeper

For the Building-Industry / Fork-Lifts / Unimogs / Heavy Tractors
Working width: 230 cm (90")
total sweeper width 263 cm (103")
Weight: 495Kg

Tuchel 4

Exclusiv Sweeper

Exclusiv Industrial Sweeper for Fork-Lifts / Wheeled Loaders

Working width: 150 cm (59")
Bin Capacity: 275Ltr
Weight: 590Kg

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