User Guides & Manuals

From this area of our site you can download owner manuals for some our products.


  • Brush Cutters
    • Brush cutter Manual (PDF 1.5mb)
  • Chainsaws
    • Electric Chainsaws (PDF 1.5mb)
    • Petrol Chainsaws (PDF 1.3mb)
  • Lawn Mowers
    • 35 to 39cm Electric Lawnmower (PDF 740kb)
    • 40cm Stiga Lawnmower (PDF 1.4mb)
    • 41cm Petrol Lawnmower (PDF 331kb)
    • 41cm Petrol Self Drive Lawnmower (PDF 366kb)
    • 42cm Electric Lawnmower (PDF 355kb)
    • 48cm Petrol Lawnmower (PDF 353kb)
    • 50cm Petrol Self Drive Lawnmower (PDF 360kb)
    • 53cm Stiga Lawnmower (PDF 1.6mb)
    • 55cm Petrol Lawnmower (PDF 290kb)
  • Lawn Tractors
    • 63cm Tractor Mower (PDF 540kb)
    • 72cm Tractor Mower (PDF 549kb)
    • 92cm Tractor Mower (PDF 939kb)
    • 102 to 122cm Tractor Mower (PDF 628kb)
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